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This week: The world’s most expensive marathons, model Karlie Kloss on why she used to hate running, is too little or too much running bad for your health, the 95-year-old world record holder and more……..Click Below!

1. Want to run a marathon? Here are the world’s most expensive! (The Guardian)

2. Model Karlie Kloss – On why she used to hate running (RunnersWorld)

3. Not enough running – and too much running – is bad for your health!  (Irish Times)

4. Will you still be running at this age? 95-year-old Charles Eugster sets new 200 Indoor Record (Youtube)

5. Brilliant Marathon Running Tips for Women (The Telegraph)

6. Should you be pulled from a race for running too slow? (The Guardian)

7. World marathon majors to increase drug testing. (RunnersWorld)

8. The best hairstyle for your workout. (Popsugar)



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