20 Questions with Molly Huddle

Following on from her 68.31 NY Half Marathon win in March to her American Road Record breaking run (14.50, FYI) at today’s BAA5K. 

It seems like the perfect time to post a new 20 Questions with USA Olympian Molly Huddle.

Molly is Saucony sponsored Athlete based in Providence, RI and is coached by Ray Treacy.

She is the American Record holder over 5,000m (14:42.64), is a Two-time USA Outdoor 5,000m champion (2011 & 2014) and a Seven-time USA Road Champion over 5 km, 10 km, 10 mile and 7-mile distances and has a pretty impressive 10k PB (30.47.59) to her name too!

She’s in flying form & you’d be wise to keep an eye out for her at this year’s Beijing World Champs!

Check out her answers below

Molly Huddle, Running, American Record

  • Who was your inspiration in running growing up? I was inspired by many of the US women once I got into running- Deena Kastor, Amy Rudolph, even women close to my age like Shalane and NZ’s Kim Smith


  •  Favourite Place to Run? Lincoln Woods in RI. Tallahassee, FL was great for trails


  • What is your greatest achievement, running or otherwise? American Record in 5,000 m.


  • Do you have any pre-race superstitions? Painting my nails pre-race!


  • What’s the one piece of advice you would give to a novice runner? Don’t do too much too soon, it takes time but enjoy the process!


  • How long have you been running? 15 years.


  • Best running memory? Finishing 3rd as team in NCAA XC freshman year- it was also my highest NCAA finish, and I didn’t know anything about anything so I could just enjoy it.


  • Favourite/Least Favourite distance? Fave: 5k, Least Fave: 3k


  • What shoes do you run in? Saucony Kinvara


  • What’s your next aim? Aiming for World Championships 10,000 this August


  • Favourite time of the day to run? Love to race at night


  • Favourite/ Least Favourite thing about been a runner? Training on holidays is least favourite part, competing is my favourite part.


  • If you weren’t a runner, what would you be doing? Maybe a physician?


  • Facebook or Twitter? Twitter


  • Instagram or Pinterest? Instagram


  • What’s playing on your iPod before a race? Kid Cudi, Kanye West, some Electronica


  • What’s in your Netflix queue? Been meaning to watch Boyhood, super excited for the new Jurassic park4


  • Last Book you read? Yes please! (Amy Poehler)


  • If you could be anywhere else in the world right now, where would you be? Santorini looks nice. Would like to also check out Kenya and Ethiopia


  • Words to Live by? Find Your Strong!

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