Map My Run

To measure my runs, I usually use a Garmin Forerunner 10 , it’s an entry-level watch with basic functionality, measuring distance, pace and calories. I’m not aiming for Rio 2016, so this is a well-priced watch that tracks my runs and works perfectly for me.

As I divide my time between Dublin and Sligo at the moment, more often than not my Garmin is forgotten in the panic packing that usually occurs on a Friday Morning. This weekend was one such occasion and while I usually don’t mind running without a watch, on this particular Saturday I was having one of my *WhenRunningSucksDays so I only wanted to go a certain distance (5k)!

I decided to download the APP: Map My Run it’s free for IOS & Android users and it’s simple to use. Once you register your details (Name, DOB, Email) you’re good to go!

Map My Run, App,

The program works using GPS technology and tracks your distance and pace. If you are running with earphones (and without) the app lets you know when you hit each ‘K’ and your corresponding pace. When you’re done, hit save, and it automatically saves your workout. The App will also upload your run to your profile on the Map My Run website.

There were two things I really like about the app: (1) you can set goals for each run and (2) it gives you the ability to create routes that you can then upload to the site for other runners to see and use. So, if you are in an unfamiliar town, city or country and you want to go for a run, but you’re unsure of what route to take, this is a really helpful tool to have.

This is the route I took on Saturday – I started at my house and ran in a full loop through Carney Village, down the Oxfield Road and back up the N15, the application measured the distance as 5.05k.

Carney, Running Route, Run

What I didn’t particularly like about the app and the website were the pop-up advertisements. I was using the free version of the App and this is the unfortunate “side effect” to most free applications unless you want to pay for an upgrade, ads are unfortunately something you will have to put up with.

So, in the end, will I be trading in my Garmin for the Map My Run program? I don’t think so…while both have similar functions (the app possibly has more) in my opinion the Garmin is a simpler and cleaner system to use.

But, if you’re new to running and don’t want to fork out on an expensive watch just yet or if you’re anything like me and you have a habit of misplacing or forgetting your watch and sometimes need a temporary replacement, then this app is a really handy alternative to have on hand!


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